Summertime Blues

It’s summertime!

  1. No one wants to be bothered.
  2. It’s too hot.
  3. It’s a beautiful day; everyone is out.
  4. No one is thinking about work.
  5. Prospects are getting ready to go on vacation.
  6. Everyone is on vacation.
  7. Prospects are just returning from their vacations.
  8. I’m preparing to go on vacation.
  9. I’m on vacation.
  10. I’ve just returned from vacation.
  11. My assistant is on vacation.
  12. Their assistant is on vacation.
  13. No one is in on Mondays.
  14. No one is in on Fridays.
  15. Prospects are catching up midweek.
  16. Prospects leave the office early.
  17. Prospects go to the office late.
  18. Prospects take long lunches.
  19. No one makes appointments till after July 4.
  20. No one makes appointments till after Labor Day.

Copy the list above and email it to your competition. Then, get on the telephone!

Life and work continue, even in the summer. If it’s too hot, then your prospects will be in their nice, air-conditioned offices—where you should be, too, making calls. If it is a beautiful day, some people may be out. The rest will not.

Everyone is not on vacation every day. If you happen to call someone who is on vacation, call them back when they return. If they are planning a vacation, schedule the meeting for when they return. If they have just returned from their vacation, schedule for a time when they say they will be caught up. If you are going on vacation, schedule for when you return.

Prospects are in the office on Mondays and Fridays, early and late. They are frequently at their desks during lunch—especially when you are calling the boss.

Prospects make appointments all summer long, just as they do in the fall, winter and spring. If a prospect asks you to call back after a vacation or after Labor Day, suggest that you “pencil in a meeting for after their vacation or after Labor Day.” Promise that you will call to confirm it. Do so.

Have a wonderful prospecting summer!

Cold Calling Tip #3

If you feel uncomfortable, that perhaps you are calling too often– ask. Your prospect will tell you. Say, “I don’t want to drive you crazy. When should I check back?” Most prospects will say, “You’re not driving me crazy. I appreciate the follow-up.” Then they will tell you when to call and of course, call back whenever they say to do so, simply do it a little earlier. You can also ask, “How should I follow up with you?” Prospects will tell you.

Cold Calling Tip #2

If you are having difficulty getting into a ‘conversational rhythm’ with your script, try deliberately speeding up at the beginning and end of sentences and slowing down in the middle. This will give your delivery a more conversational feel, along with the added benefit of making it more difficult for your prospect to interrupt you. People will generally interrupt at the end of a sentence. By speeding up at that time, your prospect will not hear a place to jump in.