3 Steps to Nailing the Appointment without Manipulation, Chasing or Being Pushy

Live online training with Wendy Weiss



Wed., May 17th
2:00 PM EDT
1:00 PM CDT
12:00 PM MDT
11:00 AM PDT

A recording of this session will not be available. 

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Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss is a Business Development Specialist; author; speaker; sales trainer/coach; and prominent lead-generation, cold calling & new-business development authority who’s been featured in the New York Times, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power, Inc, Forbes, and many other publications. Her clients include Avon Products, ADP and thousands of entrepreneurs around the country.

WARNING:  A recording of this session will not be available. Register only if you are able to attend the live session. This webinar will be packed with high quality content.