5 Rules for Getting a Response to Your Prospecting Email

  1. Prospecting emails vs. marketing emails. There is a huge difference between marketing emails and prospecting emails. Marketing emails are usually sent out to large email lists. The email is one communication going to many contacts on the list. Prospecting emails are sent out individually. The email is an individual communication going to one individual prospect. Make sure that your prospecting email sounds like it was written by you and not by your marketing department.
  1. Be clear. The rule, in a cold call and in a cold email is that you must be crystal clear. If your prospect does not understand what you are talking about, that prospect will simply delete your email. On the phone, your prospect will say, “I’m not interested” and hang up.
  1. Craft your message. It is far too easy to type something quickly and then hit ‘send.’ Take time to craft your email and focus it on how you help your customers, challenges you resolve for customers and/or outcomes you’re able to achieve for customers. You won’t be able to get that email back for a rewrite so take the time upfront to make sure that you’re communicating exactly what you want to be communicating.
  1. Use voicemail too. Research done at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business found that when people hear you talk, even on a voicemail, they are more likely to take action than if they simply read something (your email). Response rate goes up if you also leave a voicemail.
  1. Be prepared for multiple touches. Many research studies have shown that it takes multiple touches to get prospects to respond. One email may not be enough. If you do not hear back from your prospect, be prepared to reach out again.

While these three rules will not guarantee a response from a prospect, following these rules will increase the possibility that your prospect will see you as someone who is credible with an interesting offering and thus they will be more likely to respond.

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